Youth@Work Job Posting Request Form

Employer Information
Job Information
  Job Listing Paid Internship Unpaid Internship Volunteer
  Full-time Part-time Temporary/seasonal Long-term
  Yes No
  Job Categories Casual Labor Customer Service Education
  Entertainment Food Service Office
  Recreation Retail Sales Other
How To Apply
How should candidates apply? (Check any preferred methods.)
  Apply Directly
Outreach Services
Indicate preferred outreach service(s):
  Youth@Work website (post in online database)
  Post can be active year round or during specific seasons.
  NOVA Youth Facebook Page post
  Post is typically visible 2-3 weeks on our NOVA Youth Employment Office facebook page. Post can be renewed as needed.
  Recruitment session
  NOVA hosts recruitment events that are held onsite at our Sunnyvale location. Minimum 3 weeks preparation required.
  Job Fair participation
  NOVA organizes seasonal job fairs with community partners. Check if interested in participating in future events.
  WIA Worksite host
  Host disadvantaged youth as a community work experience site. Learn more click here.
Submit Job Posting
 You may be contacted by NOVA Youth Employment staff via email/phone to verify your information. Jobs are typically posted within 1-2 business days after verification.